Delivery & FAQs

Where does Pot and Posy deliver?

****Due to current Covid-19 restrictions, we have had to reduce our usual delivery areas. We’re looking into possible solutions and we hope that we’ll soon be able to expand our delivery areas again.



When do you deliver?

We deliver Monday to Friday between 9am and 3pm for schools, 9am and 5pm for business deliveries and between 9am and 7pm for residential deliveries. 

Our deliveries are arranged for the most efficient route on the day to help keep the cost of our plants and posies down. Because of this we can’t give an exact delivery time. If there’s any difficulty, we will contact you or the recipient.

What premises do you deliver to?

We deliver to pretty much any premises type, but please note our current Covid-19 delivery procedures. At the moment we’re not delivering to hospitals and many health and residential facilities are not accepting gift deliveries. It is your responsibility to ensure a delivery can be made before placing your order. If we attempt delivery, but it cannot be accepted, a redelivery fee may be charged. 

During the Checkout process, please include the name of the premises if it isn’t residential. This helps give our couriers an idea of where they’re going, what to expect and who they may have to speak with.

The recipient lives in an apartment. Anything different?

If the delivery is going to be made to an apartment or unit, we require somebody to be home to receive it. This is because apartments and units are generally in secured premises, or don’t have a private outdoor space of their own, so we can’t safely leave the delivery on its own. At any premises, if we cannot leave the delivery with somebody or safely on its own, we will call the recipient and/or you to rearrange delivery. If a re-delivery is required, additional costs may be incurred and charged to you.

Can you deliver the same day?

YES! We offer same day delivery for all orders placed by 11am unless we are booked out earlier. If we are booked out earlier, we will have a notice across the website.

From time to time, we may have products that cannot be delivered on the same day – for example, they are made to order that requires a longer lead-time. If this is the case, we will specifically state this on the individual product page.

What should I consider when ordering gift packs containing alcohol?

Under NSW law, Pot and Posy gift packs containing alcohol

  • cannot be purchased by or delivered to anybody under the age of 18 years
  • cannot be delivered to a person at the location where the gift was purchased
  • can only be delivered to another adult who is not the purchaser
  • must not contain more than two litres of alcohol.

When Pot and Posy or its couriers deliver a gift pack containing alcohol, they may ask for ID to verify that the recipient or person collecting the gift pack is 18 years or over. If they are not satisfied that this person is 18 years or over, the gift pack will not be left and a redelivery will be required – additional delivery fee may be charged.

How do Posy Subscriptions work?

Due to ongoing uncertainties related to lockdowns, we aren’t currently offering our Posy Subscriptions. Once things settle down again, we’ll get back to it.

Our posy subscriptions are designed to offer a monthly flower posy delivery for a range of tastes and budgets. They make the perfect gift that keeps on giving, or just treat yourself to a regular posy full of wonderful.

Ordering a Posy Subscription

You can tailor your subscription to suit what you want in two easy steps:

  1. Pick the size of the posy – Small or Large;
  2. Pick the Theme or leave it us to mix it up; and
  3. Choose how many deliveries you’d like

We’ll deliver a different posy every time, offering the full Pot and Posy range of seasonal creations.

Subscription Delivery dates

When ordering a subscription, you select the first delivery date during the Checkout process. Your remaining posies will be delivered on or near the same weekday every month. With the first posy delivery, we will give the recipient a card with the dates for the remaining posy deliveries. If a date were to fall on a public holiday, we’ll deliver either the day before or after. The delivery dates card will have information about this.

This is a gift and I’d like to let the recipient to pick the commencement date?

Just leave an Order Note in the Checkout and we will email you a card that you can gift to the recipient. They can then contact us to organise their first delivery. (Please note, you’ll still be required to pick a delivery date in the Checkout process but we will disregard it.)

I’d like to have a longer subscription than what’s offered

If you’d like to arrange a longer Posy Subscription than the maximum six deliveries offered, you can do this in one of two ways.

  1. You can either purchase multiple subscriptions that make up the desired number of deliveries – for example, two Monthly subscriptions of 6 deliveries will give you 12 posy deliveries across a whole year. OR
  2. You can contact us to arrange regular deliveries and then just contact us again you wish to stop.

Subscription amendments

If you need to amend or postpone your subscription after you have purchased it, please contact us to discuss any possible options.