Top tips to achieve the best looking Boston Fern

Nephrolepis exaltata

The Boston Fern is one of the more popular indoor plants and its not hard to see why. Its long, graceful and arching fronds are covered by little leaves to form a wonderful burst of green. We think they look their best hanging, but they also look great in a pot on a pedestal, planted en masse or just sitting at the right window.

Caring for your Boston Fern isn’t very difficult, but a few important steps will help ensure your favourite indoor plant is the best looking fern around.

Light: Boston Ferns can handle many lighting conditions but do best in indirect or filtered light or a shady position.

Water: It’s important to keep the soil moist at all times. They also like humidity, so indoors they do great in places like bathrooms and kitchen areas. In other spaces where the air might be dryer, a spritz of water over the leaves in between drinks will help keep the humidity up. Keep this in mind if you have an air conditioner running over summer or winter. If your planter doesn’t have a drainage hole, ensure that you don’t flood the plant when watering. During winter, when the plant isn’t growing, you can reduce watering but never let it completely dry out.

Temperature: These ferns make great indoor plants in good part because they’re best suited to temperatures between 15-25ºC. Of course, they’ll be fine temperatures around these for periods of time too. Avoid placing the fern where temperatures fluctuate greatly.

Soil: They like rich, loamy soil with good drainage so that their roots have good space to grow and aren’t left water logged. Fertilise with a diluted liquid or slow release fertiliser during the growing season.

Two Boston Fern HangersOther tips to help your Boston Fern grow

Occasionally rotate your pot and remove any dried or dead fronds so that your fern grows evenly and avoids disease.

We’d also encourage you to repot your plant with new soil every few Springs, even if it hasn’t outgrown the pot that it’s in. If leaves are wilting or the plant is overcrowded, these are signs that it might be time to repot.

From time to time you’ll find a Boston Fern on offer in our Plants section, but if not, why not have a peek at our selection of other plants.

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